Flynns Beach

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Sunrise image taken at Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW.

Sunrise image at Flynns Beach, Port Macqaurie, NSW.
Sunrise at Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW.

Flynns Beach its name from a well-known and respected local family, the Flynn family, who were early settlers in the area during the late 1800s. This stunning beach spans approximately 500 metres in length and is renowned for its pristine golden sands and clear turquoise waters, creating a visually captivating environment.

Flynns Beach is incredibly popular among surfers due to its consistent and powerful waves, making it an ideal spot for those seeking an exhilarating ride on their boards. For those who prefer a more tranquil experience, Flynns Beach also offers rock pools that are perfect for exploring and observing fascinating marine life.

This beautiful coastal destination is patrolled by experienced and highly trained surf lifesavers, ensuring the safety and security of beachgoers during specified periods throughout the year.

Visitors to Flynns Beach can take advantage of the nearby amenities, including picnic areas, barbecue facilities, public toilets, and ample parking spaces, providing convenience and comfort for a day at the beach.

Flynns Beach is conveniently positioned close to an array of accommodation options, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops, making it an ideal base for exploring the vibrant town of Port Macquarie.

This picturesque beach offers not only a breathtaking natural setting but also boasts stunning sunrise and sunset views, providing visitors with moments of pure tranquility and immense beauty.

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