Thermal Inspections


Thermal Solar Inspections

Thermal imagery is a powerful tool for data collection and in regard to solar panels it is a great way to ensure your solar system is performing at its best. Our drones can capture data quickly and gather the information needed.

After storms and inclement weather it is wise to assess the state of the your solar panels.

Regular checks are also beneficial to ensure the efficiency of your solar system.

Our drone pilot will capture visual and thermal images above the asset taking real time images for analysis post flight.

We will provide a report with an analysis that outlines what is seen on the images and any areas of interest in relation to your situation.

The report will cover the following areas:

  • Visualisations that show the uniformity of the semiconductor material
  • Provision of images that can identify ineffective solar cells
  • Data analysis of irregularities that can contribute to decreased performance of the entire system
Side by side Thermal and RGB image

Benefits of Drone Inspections

  • Easy access to assets for data collection
  • Frequent assessments allow for early detection
  • Data quality with the latest technology
  • Capacity to collect data from large areas quicker than manual methods