Shelly Beach Sunrise

Sunrise. Shelly Beach. Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Sunrise. Shelly Beach. Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
Sunrise. Shelly Beach. Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie, a pristine gem on the New South Wales coast, offers visitors a tranquil escape with its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. This idyllic spot is perfect for a range of activities, from relaxing picnics and sunbathing to exploring the rich marine life through snorkeling. The beach is part of the larger Port Macquarie Coastal Walk, which provides stunning views and connects to other beautiful beaches in the area.

One of the most notable landmarks near Shelly Beach is Harry’s Lookout, a scenic vantage point offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The lookout is named after Harry Thompson, a local legend who lived in a caravan on Shelly Beach and became its unofficial caretaker. Harry was known for his hand-carved bush furniture and the 254 steps he created, leading up to the lookout. His dedication to the beach earned him the affectionate title of ‘Mayor of Shelly Beach’ and, even after his passing in 2000, the community commemorated his legacy with a sculptural park and memorials in his honour.

Visitors to Shelly Beach can also enjoy the nearby Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, which offers a glimpse into the lush subtropical rainforest through its elevated boardwalks. For wildlife enthusiasts, the Koala Hospital is a short distance away, providing a unique opportunity to learn about and observe these beloved marsupials.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a touch of local history, Shelly Beach and its surroundings in Port Macquarie are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

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