Tacking Point Lighthouse

Tacking Point is a picturesque coastal headland located in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. A significant landmark that adorns this idyllic setting is the Tacking Point Lighthouse, which proudly stands as an historical testament to the region’s rich maritime past. Originally established in 1879, the lighthouse has played a vital role in guiding ships safely along the treacherous coastline. Over the years, the Tacking Point Lighthouse has served as a guiding beacon for countless vessels, offering a sense of security to seafarers and a source of fascination for visitors who flock to admire its timeless beauty. The Tacking Point Lighthouse continues to stand proudly, symbolizing Port Macquarie’s enduring maritime heritage.

Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie, NSW
Tacking Point Lighthouse, Port Macquarie, NSW.

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